TunA the Day

Adrian Phillips

TunA the Day
January 2015

Frequency Cast

Frequency Cast

January 2015

Banbury Guardian Audio Book by PaperTalk


29th January 2015 issue

Sixalot presented by Dan Maharry


Dan Maharry

Live from Fat Lil's

Live from
Fat Lil's

Thrill Collins

Late Night Large

Late Night Large

If you've missed a show, listen again...

A History of

in 15 objects.

TunA the Day

Adrian Phillips

Green Man
Festival Review

AC/DC family live Q&A!

Greg Pearce

The AC/DC Family Live Q and A!

Work Experience

Harry and James

Two more programmes from the 2014 work experience team

Work Experience

Tim and Tom

Two more programmes from the 2014 work experience team

Work Experience

Gemma Trinder

Two programmes from the 2014 team

TunA the Day

Adrian Phillips

TunA the Day
Lechlade Music Festival

The Jake Simpson Show

Jake Simpson

Music, fun and games

Paws Under the Table

Helen Peacocke

Paws Under the Table - Listen Again

Monkeys with guns

with guns

Hear the post-apocalyptic dystopian comic satire they're all talking about!

John Cheney

John Cheney

Deddington Legend

Ben's Battle of the Bands

Ben's Battle
of the Bands

Listen to this show if you love Rock and a guy talking about it.

Matt and Jake

Matt and Jake's
hour of rock

Hang on to your hats, a new wind is blowing...

War Memorial dedication


Dedication of the War Memorial Plaque.




Phil King


Phil King

Deddington Discussions


A conversation with Frank Steiner

Schismic Monologues


Latest episode
'The Heretic and the Raconteur'



Radio Drama

Just So Stories for Little Children

Just So

Ian Willox

Local Artists


Jessie Williams

Jennifer Anderson


Jennifer Anderson




Olympic Gold Challenge

Gold Challenge

Kristen Thompson relates her experience of coming last in the 100m in the Olympic Stadium. Voiced by Amanda Gray.

Steve Jones, BT Openreach


Steve Jones from BT answers your questions about the Openreach fibre upgrade.

Deddington Writers - Molly Neild


Four short stories written by Molly Neild and voiced by Amanda Gray.

Performed Locally


Showcase for bands
that have played locally.

Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side
of the Moon

Gary Jackson

Coverage of the Eric Morris Cup Final

Sports Scene

Coverage of the Eric Morris Cup Final.

Me, Myself, My Music

Me, Myself
My Music

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in

Read by
Amanda Gray

The Blues and
Jazz Show

Blues and Jazz hosted by David Macey.

Milton's Paradise Regained


By John Milton, read in Deddington Parish Church.

Deddington Writers - Kristin Thompson

Clipboards &
A Childhood

Two short stories written by Kristin Thompson and voiced by Amanda Gray.

Page in

"On planet Earth it's sticky and hot down here."

The Dream

Ezra meets a Tiger in the Forest.


Written by Molly Neild and voiced by Amanda Gray.


Written by Molly Neild and voiced by Amanda Gray.

Farm Walk

6th July 2011
Home Farm, Clifton.


Featuring work
from local authors.

Village Voice

Interviews with
local residents.

Aaron Bliss

Aaron Bliss

Collected works from Aaron Bliss.

ChurchTV in high definition


Solemn Requiem Mass


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Thank you to all our listeners



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The story so far


Deddington OnAir has enjoyed a fabulous first year and to document this journey we have put together a leaflet describing what we've been up to.


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The Friends of Deddington OnAir was launched at the open evening and twenty people signed up on the spot. Very many thanks to you all.





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Revolutionising the way we will use the internet.



Openreach Super fast broadband for the whole Deddington echange area including Barford St Michael, Aynho Wharf, Clifton and Hempton.






People have been banging on for ages about broadband changing the way we live, work and play. And it has. Now we can do the weekly shopping from the kitchen table, watch Hollywood blockbusters and download new songs whenever we want, and share photos or play games with friends all over the world. We can even use it to work, occasionally...



Deddington OnAir wants to hear your views and will put your questions directly to Openreach.
So leave us a voicemail using the Skype button below or send us an e-mail and we will ask your questions for you.




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Your questions answered

Steve Jones from BT talks to Ian Willox.


Ian recently met with Steve Jones from Openreach and they discussed the forthcoming upgrade to the Deddington exchange. Ian was also able to put the questions raised so far and the interview was most informative.


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Jubilee Fund


Jubilee Fund   Deddington OnAir were invited to join HRH Prince Edward
   at the Jubilee Fund Launch, January 2012.


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'Deddington OnAir was founded in the Parish of Deddington, and became a limited company in 2011.


It is run entirely by volunteers as a non-profit community asset.










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